Mello Synthetic Ambient Sample Pack WAV REX-DiSCOVER

Mello Synthetic Ambient Sample Pack WAV REX-DiSCOVER

Mello Synthetic Ambient Samples

DiSCOVER | 15.09.2012 | WAV-REX | 354.93  MB

Like to keep it mello? Well you might have just found what you need. This downloadable sample CD delivers all the sounds and loops you need to “keep it on the mellow vibe!” Jam packed with over 850 **all-new** samples. For starters, Mello Synthetic provides you with heaps of one-shots to use in programming your own grooves and melodies. From basses, synths and pads, to drums, chords and trippy FX–IT’S ALL HERE! Electronisounds have set you up with soft, minor-chord hits from six different instruments: Air Choir, Fairlight Strings, Mello Pad, PWM Strings, Soft Rotor Organ and Sweet Rhodes. Drop a few of these over your beats, and get groovy! Synth chords not your thing? No problem–there’s plenty!

Electronisounds have included one-shots from THREE different acoustic guitars! When layered, you can create all sorts of sounds from these guitar samples. They’ve even been able to get them to sound similar to a classical harpsichord! Also included are REAL accordian and indian wood flute one-shots.

On Mello Synthetic, we programmed and sampled 10 patches that are essential sounds for today’s downtempo productions: Cathedral Bells, Dark Blossom Pad, Nice Trip Pad, Nu Age Crystal, Perfect Pad, Pluck String Pad, Smooth Choir, Spacey Rhodes, Syn Strings and Vibro Rhodes. Don’t like programming out multi-samples on your sampler? Simply use these sounds as one-shots!

On MS, you’ll find a sweet mello-sounding drumkit that is very complimentary to the other sounds here. Electronisounds have also packed in 225 BONUS DRUM SOUNDS collected from their other sample CD downloads! From ethnic percussion and real acoustic hi-hats, to vinyl and electro drumkits – they’ve got you covered!

In the drumloops category, Mello Synthetic really offers VARIETY. Electronisounds have created exclusively for this downloadable CD: “live-played” drumloops (played on a Roland V-Studio drumkit), “live-played” acoustic drumloops (played on a 5-piece Mapex drumkit), nu toy keyboard beats, vocoded drumloops, and a nice selection of their own programmed beats. Every single drumloop/beat is offered in TWO formats: .REX2 & .WAV, so you can easily drop these into your software of choice and instantly get the results you need! The versatility of these loops is astounding!

Lastly, they have programmed a selection of mello, groovy musical loops and phrases that you can easily drop over the included beats or your own patterns. You’ll find funky basslines and synthriffs to get you in the mood for making mello electronica tracks – ENJOY!

Bringing these sounds to you in standard .WAV format means anyone programming music on a PC or mac can use thse sounds! These loops and sounds will slide effortlessly into any .WAV compatible music-sequencing program such as: ACID, Sonar, Cakewalk Project 5, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Cubase, Fast Tracker, Orion, Fruity Loops, Impulse Tracker, Cakewalk Club Tracks, ReLoop2, Buzz, Leaf Drums, MasterBeat, Recycle…etc.

Mello Synthetic Ambient Sample Pack WAV REX-DiSCOVER

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