Essential Sounds For ViTAL-DECiBEL

Essential Sounds For-ViTAL-DECiBEL

Essential Sounds For-ViTAL-DECiBEL

Essential Sounds For ViTAL

Team DECiBEL | 22 Feb 2022 | 127.7MB

Truly modern sounds for a synth that is free and dominating the electronic music scene. Vital Essentials is a curated collection of hand-crafted sounds for the hottest free wavetable synth to land on the scene in quite some time. We’ve designed some seriously edgy and modern bass patches that span various genres, inspiring arps, unique pads, wicked leads with serious character and some SFX that will cut through any mix and grab ears. Simply put, this is a must-have addition for Vital users producing modern electronic music. Each of the 100 synth presets have 4 fully-programmed macros to help you manage some of the most critical elements of each sound, giving you more control where you need it most. Vital is a really flexible and user-friendly synth, so you can take these presets in any direction you feel like exploring with the twist of a few knobs, and do so with confidence.

We’ve also included over 30 samples for you to use in your productions and within Vital synth itself! These sounds were used in some of the presets in this collection, and can easily be swapped for different sounds using the sampler within Vital. It’s a fantastic way for you to help a sound fit even better into your project and stand apart from others!

– 16 Leads
– 6 Acid Leads
– 10 Pluck Leads
– 5 Synth Leads
– 9 Arps
– 10 Experimental Instruments
– 5 Sound FX
– 5 Pads
– 17 Basses
– 5 D&B Basslines
– 12 Dubstep Basslines

Total Presets: 100
Total Size: 140 MB

Essential Sounds For ViTAL-DECiBEL
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