Genesys Pro8 SOUNDFONT 24Bit SF2

Genesys Pro8 SOUNDFONT 24Bit SF2-MaGeSY

Genesys Pro8 SOUNDFONT 24Bit SF2-MaGeSY

Genesys Pro8 SF2

MaGeSY | 08 July 2022 | 768 MB

Most awaited GM/GS Soundfont version that every musician ever wanted to be their ultimate companion for all types of music and gigs. The only GM/GS SoundFont that gives professional and outstanding sounds sampled to perfection. Genesys Pro8 resembles the ever popular Sound Canvas SC-88 Pro, our very own version bundled with unlimited instruments, drums and percussions every musician would love to use in their setup. If you love the sounds of SC88 Pro, you can check out and compare to the sounds of Genesys Pro8 GM/GS SoundFont. Using our 24-bit unique sampling method, you can be sure your midifile will sound better, thicker, crispier and the way it is originally created it. “A True Legend Never Dies, It Just Needs To Be Reborn And Gives A New Flavor Of Samples.”

• GM/GS SoundFont Format
• 1.13 GB Size
• 1000 GM/GS Midi Instruments
• 25 Percussion Sets / Drum Kits
• 43 Banks / 691 Instrument Variations
• High-Quality / 24-Bit True Stereo Samples
• 11540 Waveforms
• GM/GS Midi Compatible Created From SC-88 Pro, SC-88 Or Other SC-88 Series.

Thanks to a follower of MaGeSY who wanted to stay anonymous

Genesys Pro8 SOUNDFONT 24Bit SF2
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